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Dress Code

City Terrace Elementary School

School Uniform Policy


The purpose of this Student Dress Code is to ensure that students wear appropriate apparel to school.  This helps promote a safe school environment.  The Shared Decision Making Council revised the School-wide Discipline and Safety Plan in 2009-2010.

The main reasons for implementing a uniform policy are:

  • Students from City Terrace will be easily recognized walking to and from school.
  • Students will feel a sense of belonging to, and pride in City Terrace School.
  • Students will show mutual respect for others regardless of ethnicity or financial status.


The Safe School Committee will enforce the Uniform Policy.

Student Dress Code

Girls and Boys


Blue shorts or slacks


White shirts (blouses) with a collar


Girls may also wear blue skirts, skorts, shorts, or jumpers.




All footwear must have closed toes and heels.  Thongs and open toes sandals are not permitted.


High heels are not safe, especially for athletic activities.


All students must wear socks with their footwear.


Students are NOT to wear clothing that is generally inappropriate for young children.  This includes shirts that expose the midriff, shorts, tank or tube tops, and extremely baggy or tight jeans/pants.  Gang and drug-related insignia are prohibited. Except for religious reasons, hats and caps are prohibited within the buildings.  The dress code is delineated further in the school’s Discipline and Safety Plan.